The Horizon Project

Part of Hope for the Soul’s mission and culture has always been to serve those in need. In 2020, we were introduced to a program that needed food for Thanksgiving meals. Over time we slowly became more involved and starting in 2023, we decided to focus our efforts with much more intentionality. We began providing weekly support, and The Horizon Project was born!

We started as strangers, but quickly became expected guests to their little faces. We are now greeted with many smiles, hugs, and shouts of excitement as we come into the facility. The children no longer question if they will have food on the days when there is no school and have confidence that they will be sent home with a bag of food made just for them on a weekly basis. They know that if they are cold, there will be hoodies or coats for them to take home. If they need shoes, they will be provided. They smile when they see us come in with boxes and bags and know we will come back again…and again!

Our ministry has now expanded from providing for their basic needs into much more—the essence of Hope for the Soul. We want every person, especially an innocent child, to know they are seen, heard, valued, and loved. By showing the love of Jesus we are changing lives. Your financial donations, time, and energy are being used as an introduction to God’s love in tangible ways. The things we are asking you to donate may seem small, but they are a life-affirming blessing to these children and families in ways we may never know.

Check our Facebook page for monthly pantry needs and volunteer opportunities.

Toni Rothmann is our Director of Outreach.

Toni works tirelessly with our team to make our outreach ministry a beacon of hope to underserved residents in our community.

Email: Toni@Hope4thesoul.com