Hope for the Soul


Our mission is to be a multi-tiered lighthouse and anchor of safety and acceptance to help those with any need or struggle experience hope, healing, and transformation--mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and relationally.

Who is Hope for the Soul Counseling for?

People in need.

We define any person in need as someone who:

⚓️ Feels lost in their present way of thinking or feels frustrated or hopeless in their current circumstances.

⚓️ Lives an overwhelming reality of feeling stuck, invisible, and alone.

⚓️ Has deficient or ineffective tools to heal or make headway because of their past experiences and what they were never taught.

⚓️ Is at the point of exhausting all other options—even having sought out help from other healing professionals or faith-based communities—for years on end to no avail.  

We are a relationship-focused and person-centered ministry, rather than driven by labels and coping mechanisms.  We believe in transformation, not simply learning to deal with the pain one is currently experiencing. The statistics are staggering for people struggling with conflicts like unresolved trauma and abuse, anxiety, depression, fear, guilt and shame, anger, bereavement, addiction, destructive or unsatisfying relationships—the list goes on.  Furthermore, when you add in the unproductive ways that people are trying to escape their pain, the problems escalate even further.

What We Offer:

Individual Counseling

Couples Counseling

Marriage & Premarital Counseling

Family & Relationship Counseling

Faith-based Counseling

Addiction Recovery

Trauma Healing/EMDR

Eating Disorder Treatment

Grief Support

Identity Struggles

Certified Coaching

Support Groups
And More!

What Does the Process Look Like?

After contacting Hope for the Soul, you are paired up with someone who is best suited to meet you right where you are.  You are given the platform and safe environment to find your voice again—to begin to feel seen and known and the freedom that brings.  We see no two individuals or circumstances alike, and therefore the opportunity for growth and healing you will find at Hope for the Soul will be specifically tailored to what you want and deserve in every possible way.  

Is This Adventure Going to Cost Me My Life Savings?


Our belief is that hope, transformation, and a chance at a new beginning is determined by each person’s own willingness and capability to invest their finances, time, energy, and emotional resources into their healing journey.  And we commit to that on our end in every way we can as well. The costs of our individual and family counseling start well below the spectrum of the current rates set by larger agencies and insurance companies.  We do our best to tailor our services to align with the needs of everyone who comes our way.

Hope for the Soul

A place of healing where people find hope and community as we struggle well… together.


The basis of what Hope for the Soul Ministries does and our church represents is summed up in our logo of a Lighthouse and an Anchor.

Faith tells us that we are called to serve—to meet people IN their pain, their circumstances, and their struggle—much like a Lighthouse would do for any boat in a storm. People need to not feel invisible in their hardships and have a safe space to expose and process through what needs the most healing. They need people willing to cry with them, instead of aiming to take the tears away. People need to learn to struggle well, not to get rid of the struggle–because life is full of inevitable and unavoidable struggles that come and go, no matter how hard we try to eliminate them.