Hope for the Soul Ministries

A place of worship where people find hope and community as we struggle well… together.


The basis of what Hope for the Soul Ministries does and our church represents is summed up in our logo of a Lighthouse and an Anchor.

Faith tells us that we are called to serve—to meet people IN their pain, their circumstances, and their struggle—much like a Lighthouse would do for any boat in a storm. People need to not feel invisible in their hardships and have a safe space to expose and process through what needs the most healing. They need people willing to cry with them, instead of aiming to take the tears away. People need to learn to struggle well, not to get rid of the struggle–because life is full of inevitable and unavoidable struggles that come and go, no matter how hard we try to eliminate them.

"I can honestly say that Hope for the Soul has given us “Hope” where none existed. We were living in daily survival mode without any way out. Our lives our still far from perfect but we now have lives that are worth living and a place where we can go to help us every step along the way." - D


We are


Every moment we are mentoring, praying, listening, encouraging, and coming alongside someone right where they are. Everything we do comes from a place of showing we really do care.


We pour out into the existential needs of the community without wanting anything in return, including recognition or praise. We will unreservedly serve the needs of those around us, so no one feels invisible or disregarded.

We are


We bring people together in a space where everyone can be who they really are, not who they were taught and wired to be. The expectations, facades, and status quo are washed away. We are loved individually and collectively just as we are.

We are


We get to the roots underneath the surface of symptoms and struggles to help individuals through their pain. What once felt like a lost battle and a never-ending cycle of feeling defeated, helpless, invisible, and flawed, becomes a continual journey of perseverance.

Hope for the Soul began as the faith story of

David and Debbie Siniscalchi

In the spring of 1993, Debbie and I were introduced to a faith in God in a very different way than how we were taught growing up. We started off applying the Biblical principles and values that we were learning into our everyday family life, and almost immediately we began to see a change. Our marriage grew healthy, stable, and strong; and family life with our two children was no longer out of control. We went from a potential divorce to a workable and agreed upon game plan that followed the teachings and beliefs of the Bible. Our life did not get easier, however. I was permanently disabled (I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1999); our income was drastically reduced; and we lost our home, my pension, and our medical benefits. Despite all this, our faith continued to grow, and we made it our mission to live out the “Love thy Neighbor” principle to share our faith in a tangible way...


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be a multi-tiered lighthouse and anchor of safety and acceptance to help those with any need or struggle experience hope through the transforming power of God's love--mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and relationally.

Church Update

Our weekly church service time will be 6 pm every Saturday.


J. J.

"Hope for the Soul has had a wonderful impact on my life. They have guided me through some very difficult times in my life. This is a great group of people, and I am blessed to be in relationship with them. Everyone is kind and loving. It is truely a comfortable and safe environment. I highly recommend them."

N. N.

"I appreciate the impact that Hope for the Soul has made in my and my children's lives. I have been so full and thankful thinking about how God has placed this ministry in our lives. The work that they do here is so profound and life-changing. You can truly feel that it comes from the heart. They build loving and authentic relationships with the individuals that they work with no matter who they are! Thank you!"

S. V.

"For many years, Hope for the Soul has been changing lives all around the area. It's very cool to see how this organization has grown and continues to grow - especially in a time where other faith-based organizations are on the decline. God has blessed us through you all! Thanks for doing what you do and never change your ways. Five stars!"