Meet the Counseling Team

Stephanie Spisak


Owner, Licensed Counselor, Supervisor, & Art Therapist

Stephanie graduated from Ursuline College with a Master's dual degree in Clinical Counseling and Art Therapy in 2008.

She went to work for a faith-based group private practice for 4 years and soon felt led to use her clinical training in a different capacity to serve others and encourage healing.

This morphed into her own private practice, Light of Dawn Counseling LLC, at the beginning of 2013 at a local church. Soon after, she began partnering with Hope for the Soul as a way to combine the two passions of mental health and spiritual development as a way to help people through their unresolved grief and struggles in life.

Light of Dawn Counseling LLC and Hope for the Soul opened up their own office space in 2015, and together have been growing better and serving the community around them ever since. Stephanie has a heart to get to the roots of the pain and hardships that people face in life. She is passionate about empowering others to see themselves for who they really are and achieve the lives they wish to be living.

She comes alongside individuals, couples, and families to help them work through abuse, trauma, addiction, eating disorders, broken relationships, and unresolved grief to step forward into wholeness and healing in every area of life.

As she continues to learn and grow in her own life's journey, she continues to be humbled by the opportunity to encourage others to do the same.

Savannah Wack - Counselor

CPLC, Certified Life Coach

Savannah’s goal as a certified life coach is for everybody to find their inner voice in a safe environment. Her journey started in 2017 when she completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. In 2022, she received her professional life coach certification from the Certified Life Coach Institute (ICF Accredited ACTO). Savannah has also completed a trauma and self-harm workshop due to the societal increase of cutting, bingeing, and other addictive behaviors. Her passion and gifting targets all ages ranging from kids to teenagers to adults, because she helps each person see their whole self regardless of age. In the safe space created together, each person can become fully aware, present, and mindful; so then they can work through life struggles in the best way possible.

Hope for the Soul

A place of healing where people find hope and community as we struggle well… together.