Who We Are

Hope for the Soul provides affordable counseling for all individuals and families. Our committed team provides a counseling ministry combined with other like-minded holistic approach to serve individuals, professionals and organizations. We believe in building up the mind, the body and the spirit in unison in order to create a new balanced way of living.
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Savannah Wack, CPLC


My goal as a certified professional life coach is for everybody to find their inner voice in a safe environment. My journey started in 2017 when I completed my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Then in 2022, I got my professional life coach certication from The Ceritiefied Life Coach Institute (ICF Accredited ACTO). My passion and gifting targets all ages ranging from kids to teenagers to adults, because, I help each person see their whole self regardless of age. In the safe space we create together, each person can become fully aware, present, and mindful; so then we can work through life struggles in the best way possible.

Stephanie Spisak, MA, LPCC-S, ATR


Stephanie Spisak, MA, LPCC-S, ATR has been combining the transformative worlds of professional counseling, art therapy, and spirituality to empower and strengthen children, adolescents, and adults for the past 11 years. Ever since dedicating her life to Christ, she delights in God’s direction and provision while releasing His compassion and love to those that cross her path.  She views the entire world as a missions field, and has embraced the ministry of healing through counseling and art therapy locally and also overseas with neglected and abused orphans in Kenya and impoverished orphans in Uganda.


We’re Here to Help.

Who is Hope for the Soul for?

People in need. We define a person(s) in need as anyone who feels lost in their present way of thinking or feels frustrated or hopeless in their current circumstances. Someone having deficient or ineffective tools to heal or make headway. Stuck. Grieving. Heavy. Tired. Disappointed. Scattered. Angry. Frozen. Confused. Hurting. Alone. Invisible. Shamed. Afraid. Anxious. Obsessive. Driven to perform. Perfectionism.

We are a community-focused ministry. Our goal is to connect people to the anchor of hope through meeting their needs at the moment that they are not fulfilling themselves. The statistics are staggering for people struggling with conflicts like divorce, financial troubles, depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, anger, resentment, all forms of abuse, bereavement of all kinds, addictions of all types, discouragement, frustration, illness, living without purpose and meaning, etc.  Furthermore, when you add in the damaging ways that people are trying to cope with their pain, the problems escalate even further.

Is This Adventure Going to Cost Me My Life Savings?

No. Our belief is that help, hope and a chance at a new beginning has no price tag. Our individual and family counseling costs start well below the spectrum of current rates and are reviewed by the counselor on a quarterly basis. We do everything in our power to make your journey to emotional wellness work within your budget.

What does the process look like?

After contacting Hope for the Soul a blueprint for success is established based on individual needs and circumstances. We carefully plan practical growth steps and build a support network of that provides accountability and emotional support.

As the first step to a new journey, we present individuals and families with opportunities to connect with others who have gone through similar situations successfully. Additionally, we provide counseling in individual, group, marriage, and family formats. When addiction or other developmental issues need to be addressed, we partner with other faith-based organizations and professionals to form an outpouring of love and assistance to those in need. Hope for the Soul acts as an anchor of safety and hope in the network of needed professionals so the individual is always championed and the focus of the individual’s emotional wholeness goals are continually advanced. We do not have a program that ends, has steps or an expiration date; we build relationships that last, so everyone has support and success on their journey.