What is Hope?

We live in a world that has changed and will continue to change. Hope is the security that our faith is anchored to an unchangeable God.

Foundational Hope for Families

Children need a strong family. As a culture, we have believed the lie that divorce is OK. Our greatest desire is to teach families how to thrive through the message of hope.

Find Hope Through Encouragement

We believe in showing up like Jesus did. Not just for a miracle, but rather, to meet needs and pour into the lives of hurting people.

Laugh, Please!

We love to share our own crazy stories and to laugh at past mistakes. God has made us promises and that is something worth smiling about.

We Give You Hope for Genuine Change

Our desire is to provide a safe atmosphere that fosters a meaningful journey for healthy beginnings.

We Believe Hope is for Everyone

Everyone deserves a new beginning. At Hope for the Soul we don’t just say this is possible, we walk it with you. We give you tools and guidance on how to find your own plan for successful living.

What is Hope for the Soul?


At Hope for the Soul, we talk about faith and God, while showing in action and example the love of Jesus. We model a journey towards individual freedom from past hurts, repetitive poor choices, and life’s unexpected difficulties. Our goal is to always provide a safe environment that fosters a meaningful journey for healthy life change and transformation. Simply stated…We do life together…

To learn more about us, watch our “Hope for the Soul is…” video and click “Learn More” below.


As many have gifts whispered to them, director of Hope for the Soul, David Siniscalchi uses his to help others blossom into theirs. He encourages all individuals to give of their time and finances so that others never feel invisible, unwanted, or unloved.

Hope for the Soul’s strength has been to model and teach collaboration with others in order to help my homeless ministry stabilize and grow. Their participation far surpassed any expectations we had when we first met almost three years ago. Their donations have ranged from financial assistance, fundraising, Christmas bags for underprivileged children, and hats and gloves for the homeless in the winter. They also provide clothing, food, and daily need supplies on a consistent basis. Their generosity is genuine and through the help of his team, continue to be blessing for us!

David also used his administrative gifts by assisting us in the formation of our 501C-3 documentation.

Hope for the Soul and Trials for Hope both share the same core values of treating all people, irrespective of socioeconomic standing, with dignity. Our common goal is our unrelenting desire that no one falls through the cracks.

Jonathan Gray-- Director and Founder of Trials for Hope