What is Hope for the Soul?

In 2010, Hope for the Soul was introduced as a fresh and innovative alternative to the ways that most church and counseling programs traditionally operate in helping individuals and families overcome life’s problems.  This all started with the vision to create a safe environment for emotional wellness to exist at the very forefront of our approach.  Hope for the Soul recognizes that without posturing growth and healing in a new template of examining a balance between mind, body, and spirit, people will continue to be bound in survival mode living.  If one area of someone’s life is impacted, altered, or damaged, they all become affected. Therefore, dysfunctional patterns will be reinforced, regardless what new interventions or coping mechanisms are introduced to them. HFTS believes there is a big difference between finding help and experiencing healing.  

We are now a mobile “Church”. We minister, teach, counsel and worship to the needs of our surrounding community.

We talk about faith and God, while showing in action and example the love of Jesus. We model a journey towards individual freedom from past hurts, repetitive poor choices, and life’s unexpected difficulties. Our goal is to always provide a safe environment that fosters a meaningful journey for healthy life change and transformation.  

Why the Lighthouse?

Many agencies, churches, and community outreach efforts want to “help” in ways of rescuing, fixing, imposing, and controlling.  They try to minister to those in need based on their own agenda and what makes sense to them.  This causes helpers to ask those struggling to meet the helpers where they are at when it ought to be the other way around.  Faith tells us that we are called to serve—to meet people IN their pain, their circumstances, their environments, and their struggle.  We need to cry WITH people, not aim to take the tears away.  People need to learn to struggle well, not to get rid of the struggle…because life is full of inevitable and unavoidable struggles that come and go, no matter how hard we try to completely eliminate them.

The opposite extreme of this is to turn the other way and pretend that people in our very own communities are not struggling in ways that we could never comprehend.  It means to choose to align with the lies that it is “not really that bad,” “they should be able to help themselves,” or “there’s nothing I can really do to help.”  It is awful to ever think that someone chose one day to have the debilitating struggles and loneliness they are currently facing.  No one chooses to suffer, although it is an inevitable part of life.  We all, however, are responsible for how we choose to respond.

In the middle of both extremes lies the balance, the Lighthouse. There is a difference between being the solution for someone and empowering someone to be the best version of themselves possible.   Being an example and shedding light and a new perspective on suffering and struggle provides the beacon of hope and proof that it is possible to be okay IN the storms of life.  Pain and suffering is a lot more bearable when there is purpose to it.  And it is encouraging and empowering to overcome and persevere when the journey to safety isn’t ventured alone.  We will never ask someone to do something we haven’t done first ourselves.  And it is through that testimony that we are able to stay firmly grounded in that hope that if we can do it, others can do it too.  We can be the Light for them to see their pain and struggle in a new way.  We can empower them and encourage them and enlighten them.  Therefore, we don’t have to rush in and save them, instead we can prove to them that it is possible for them to overcome and claim their own victory!  Then, when they themselves have reached solid ground again, they can help others in their storms reach safety, allowing them to experience the purpose of their own journey.  This is the most beautiful story of all.

Our Seven Foundation Bricks

The Foundation Bricks of Hope for the Soul serve as our mind, body, and spirit guidance system. Organizational strategies, collaborative efforts, specific goals, and all of our ministries are steered by the following:

 Directed by Biblical Faith Principles—We will stay humble with a willingness to learn and be challenged; and maintain the spirit of love and realness that we’ve had since our inception, at all times, and give all the credit and glory to God for our success. 


 Dedicated to Transformation—We will seek for every individual to achieve emotional wellness and healing in every area of their lives—whether mental, relational, spiritual, physical, etc.  We will act as an example of the Lighthouse and provide a beacon of hope to empower success in all these areas.  We see it as unacceptable for anyone to stay in bondage to anything that is not beneficial for him or her, as well as ourselves not doing everything we possibly can to change that.

 Bound by Integrity— We will always strive to be truthful, compassionate, and honest in everything we do and everyone we serve.  We will not discriminate or marginalize people of any race, age, gender, socio-economic status, etc.  We will be the standard of excellence in how we do people, from the moment they pull into the parking lot to when they leave; in how we respond to people when they call, email, or knock on our door.  

 Inspired by Responsibility—We strongly believe in not asking anyone to live up to a standard that we do not uphold ourselves.  As the Lighthouse, we are committed to being the example and living out our own calling as best we can.  We aim to be the best versions of ourselves possible, as we are driven to bring out the same in the people we serve.  

 Challenged by Creativity—We adhere to the belief that no two people are the same and no two struggles are the same.  Therefore, the healing interventions and journey to freedom of no two individuals is identical.  On top of that, we are living in a world that is constantly changing and evolving into something new day by day.  Because of this, our ways of responding to people and their needs cannot be a “one size fits all” approach, but one that is creatively inspired and uniquely crafted to align intimately and specifically to the needs of each and every person we come in contact with.  

 Energized by Collaboration—Each individual that becomes involved in our ministry–whether staff, client, or community member—will have value and worth to Hope for the Soul.  We will make available the necessary counseling, group and/or community resources, and qualified individuals to help each individual achieve emotional wellness and healing.  We will always specialize in ministries for hurting people (i.e. homeless, poor, those with substance abuse/addiction issues, the incarcerated, those who have suffered physical, verbal, sexual, or emotional abuse, etc.). 


 Strengthened by Hope—We believe God is our Anchor of hope, as it is stated in Hebrews 6:19, firmly and securely planted as our foundation to our Lighthouse and ministry.  Everything that Hope for the Soul stands for, and operates out of, comes from our faith in this hope.  We believe in who God says He is and what He has promised us; and we believe by faith that He will manifest deliverance, miracles, healing, and transformation for each and every individual that comes in contact with Hope for the Soul.  We believe that is the sole purpose of our ministry, and God will not fall short of that.