Stories of Hope

Hope for the Soul helps people in the way they need help, no matter how big or small their need is. Without needing an explanation or receiving anything in return, this ministry generously gives of its time, compassion, and resources in a genuine and practical way.
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Hope for the Soul and Trials for Hope both share the same core values of treating all people, irrespective of socioeconomic standing, with dignity. Our common goal is our unrelenting desire that no one falls through the cracks. Hope for the Soul encourages all individuals to give of their time and finances so that others never feel invisible, unwanted, or unloved.

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Doing Great Things...

Every time you walk into the office, there is always something that they are doing to help people like the homeless or poor. Hope for the Soul is great.

“I finally feel hope and joy! While I have had a couple of episodes of depression they were short-lived and I truly feel as though I am living with love, purpose and joy! David has shown me that my life in Christ is a journey and making progress is something to be celebrated and to be thankful for.”


Stories of Hope

Rock Bottom

I felt like I was headed towards rock bottom, and wanted to avoid that place with everything I have.  I confessed as much to a fellow church member and he said I had to go see his counselor.  Seeing a “shrink” is totally not my thing.  I have very little respect for...

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Glad I Went to Counseling

I was forced to go to see David at Hope for the Soul in October 2014. I didn't think I needed counseling and I certainly didn't want counseling. I soon realized that David was very blunt and straightforward about why I needed help. He didn't let me believe my own crap...

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From Uncertainty to Change, Healing and Hope

We were introduced to Hope for the Soul and David in April of 2014. We will never forget that day as long as we live. He came into our home that was devoid of hope, had lost sight of joy and was under attack from within. But that night ended up being different from...

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A Message of Hope

“David’s response was immediate and comforting; it made me laugh and brought me to tears, and provided a comfort that I can’t express in words. He reminded me of God’s grace in orchestrating our life steps and that hardships in life may always be difficult to understand, even when we feel like we’re being obedient in our walk with the Lord.”