Stories of Hope

Compassionate, Hilarious and Creative

“David is skilled at walking the healing path with you in a real-world way that helped me. His approach involves simple impactful changes, that can strengthen your relationship to our higher power while also healing your well-being. I found he is compassionate,...

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Modeling and Teaching Collaboration with Others

As many have gifts whispered to them, director of Hope for the Soul, David Siniscalchi uses his to help others blossom into theirs. He encourages all individuals to give of their time and finances so that others never feel invisible, unwanted, or unloved. Hope for the...

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Rock Bottom

I felt like I was headed towards rock bottom, and wanted to avoid that place with everything I have.  I confessed as much to a fellow church member and he said I had to go see his counselor.  Seeing a “shrink” is totally not my thing.  I have very little respect for...

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Glad I Went to Counseling

I was forced to go to see David at Hope for the Soul in October 2014. I didn't think I needed counseling and I certainly didn't want counseling. I soon realized that David was very blunt and straightforward about why I needed help. He didn't let me believe my own crap...

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From Uncertainty to Change, Healing and Hope

We were introduced to Hope for the Soul and David in April of 2014. We will never forget that day as long as we live. He came into our home that was devoid of hope, had lost sight of joy and was under attack from within. But that night ended up being different from...

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Adjusting to a New Phase of Life

Following a bout of cancer and recent retirement, I found myself needing to adjust to a new phase of life.  I was eager to jump into it with both feet.  My wife had, for the previous two years, been a tremendous support, extremely considerate, and literally waiting on...

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Discovering Truth and Joy for the First Time

I've operated most of my life out of fear, reacting rather than living.  Even as I learned about Christian faith, I always felt defeated. My life always reacting with fear continued.  The lies I was told were believed as truth because I didn't know any other way. I...

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Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Art Therapist

Hope for the Soul helps people in the way they need help, no matter how big or small their need is.  Without needing an explanation or receiving anything in return, this ministry generously gives of its time, compassion, and resources in a real, genuine, and practical...

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From Hopelessness to Joy

I grew up in a home where children were seen and not heard. Not really neglected but not nurtured either. Appreciating good manners and good food were my primary prep lessons for life. Church was what we did on Sunday morning but Jesus had no part in my life in a...

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Hope For A Man And His Broken Marriage

I came to Hope for the Soul at a point of great distress in my marriage.  We were dealing with the lingering effects of a past addiction which threatened to destroy everything.  Although my wife and I were both seeking the Lord and my wife wanted to forgive me and...

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Hope For People Struggling With Life

As someone who grew up in a home with parents who love the Lord, who has known Christ since childhood, and who has been a regular church attendee for my whole life, I feel that I’ve observed a wide array of “Christians”-- many of whom had little experience mentoring...

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Hope For A Strained Marriage

Being married is tough sometimes and even more so with teenagers in the house. My wife and I had reached a point where it was almost impossible to be civil to each other. We were combative and no longer in love. We were desperate and I was lost and did not know if we...

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Hope For A Woman Living With Chronic Pain

Anyone suffering from chronic pain knows that it can bring about many unpleasant feelings and unhealthy coping methods: denial, loneliness, isolation, etc.  It's difficult to talk about with others because you worry you sound like you are weak or are complaining, and...

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