Our Mission

Our mission is to be a multi-tiered lighthouse of safety and acceptance to help those with any need or struggle experience hope through the transforming power of God’s love; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and relationally.

 Our goal
is to always provide a safe environment that fosters a meaningful journey for healthy change. For everyone.

 Our core belief is simple yet profound. We meet people where they are at; and show up where, when and how they need us.

 Our time isn’t restricted to “regular” hours of operation. Our day begins and ends with the needs of others.

 Our focus does not zero in on any specific topics, needs, or religious backgrounds. We believe that it does not matter what the source of the pain or difficulty is, because faith principles will always apply when implemented in a balanced way.

 Our perspective is unique. To recognize, encourage, and empower the implementation of faith-based principles towards real life issues such as addictions, divorce/blended families, anger, guilt, infidelity, anxiety, depression, abuse, illness, loss of loved ones, financial crisis, crushed hopes, buried dreams, and low self-worth. By pouring into people’s lives with the love of Jesus, we truly believe that when we love unconditionally, a faith system will arise that gives others power for a revived journey.

 Our belief is that it is our God-called responsibility to help those who do not have the ability to help themselves. We are a Multi-Tiered Lighthouse for the storms of everyday life. We teach others to “struggle well” with hope and in relationship with others.  No one is meant to journey through life’s challenges alone.