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David Siniscalchi

David Siniscalchi


As a Pastor, I have learned that God says a great deal about receiving wise counsel. I do not believe in giving simple answers to complicated questions.  I also work hand in hand with a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor (LPCC-S) to offer me wisdom when I need it, and to consult with on a regular basis for ongoing accountability and growth opportunities.  In addition, those with more complicated needs can receive the best opportunity for help and change clinically, spiritually, and holistically in this way.  As for me, I have a testimony that serves as an example of “If God can do it for me, He can do it for you too.”  I believe that by connecting people’s stories with others who have gone through the process before them, it creates a healthy path for hope and healing, even from long-lasting generational dysfunction.  When others witness a miracle unfold in one person’s struggle, it proves it can happen in others’ lives as well. God has given me the ability to share my story along with teaching about God’s love and mercy in order to  show others the power of faith, the need for daily direction; and ultimately, lead them to a hope for their souls. Never did I imagine that my simple story would morph Hope For the Soul into what it is today.

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Stephanie Spisak

Stephanie Spisak


Stephanie Spisak, MA, LPCC-S, ATR has been combining the transformative worlds of professional counseling, art therapy, and spirituality to empower and strengthen children, adolescents, and adults for the past 11 years. Ever since dedicating her life to Christ, she delights in God’s direction and provision while releasing His compassion and love to those that cross her path.  She views the entire world as a missions field, and has embraced the ministry of healing through counseling and art therapy locally and also overseas with neglected and abused orphans in Kenya and impoverished orphans in Uganda.

Phone: 440-941-4606

Email: [email protected]


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