I have been struggling with anxiety, depression and addiction for 30+ years. I started drinking at an early age to numb my family sadness. Twenty-five years ago, I got sober and attended a 12-step program. However, I realized that just being sober wasn’t a very healthy goal in life. I felt like I was no longer growing at all emotionally or spiritually. I was just stuck. During that time, I was prescribed multiple different antidepressants, read self-help books, saw 10 different counselors, went to an outpatient treatment program and became a “Christian”. Regardless, I continued to struggle with anxiety so severe I had a hard time functioning day to day and made several trips to the emergency room due to panic attacks. My marriage and family life were a mess because my anxiety and depression kept me from getting out of bed and dealing with my emotional issues. My wife and children were also lost and directionless as they were struggling with their own mental/emotional health issues as well. There was a lot of anger and tension in our house. I felt hopeless and scared and sure I was going to die or go insane.
A little over three years ago, it was recommended that I call a place called Hope for the Soul. I was told this place was different and David was a very unorthodox counselor/Pastor. After just a few meetings with David I felt like I was making my first progress in over twenty years. This was the first time in my life I felt like I was able to deal with my anxiety and it is now no longer running my life. I feel confident that we have a path forward that actually works! We soon started marriage counseling as well and gotten help for all my children. My marriage and family life have improved immensely. We are learning to communicate openly and honestly for the first time. So many things in our lives have gotten better that I could barely list them all.
When we started at H4TS, our financial situation was not good at all. We quickly discovered that money would not be an issue and David only wanted to help me and my family. This was very important because we were struggling in so many ways, and we couldn’t afford the counseling we so very needed.
I think David is in a unique position to help people like us because he has personally dealt with many of these issues in his own life and has a deep understanding and compassion for us and what we are dealing with.
I can honestly say that Hope for the Soul has given us “Hope” where none existed. We were living in daily survival mode without any way out. Our lives our still far from perfect but we now have lives that are worth living and a place where we can go to help us every step along the way.