There are things in life that we just are not equipped to know how to navigate on our own. On the most basic level, when we lack a necessary skill, we look to those who have become masters at that skill to teach us. If we struggle in math, we seek out a math tutor. If we desire to speak French, we take lessons from someone fluent in French. It would be impossible to learn a new language without the proper resources in front of us and it would be equally impossible to learn French from a tutor who is only fluent in German. In order to excel, logic would agree that the best teacher would be someone who understands and communicate with us in our own language while also being fluent in the language we have yet to learn.

The same goes for learning how to navigate the painful, often traumatic, events and situations we find ourselves in as children, adolescents and/or adults. Hope for the Soul is founded upon teaching others how to “struggle well” amidst life’s inevitable traumas, break downs and let downs. Through many of his own personal experiences, David is familiar with the language of pain and suffering and is able to relate to life’s deep sorrows while never accepting a spirit of complacency, bitterness or despair as the solution. Instead, he faithfully teaches his clients how to successfully navigate and overcome traumatic life events such as abuse, neglect and addiction through new and healthy ways of thinking, communicating and living.

When the truth of my husband’s alcoholism revealed itself three years ago, there were very few people in my life who knew how to help me process the aftershock of his leaving our family for long-term rehab. Over the course of the next few years, his addiction cycle of sobering up only to relapse again became a pattern of abuse and neglect that my children and I would have not been able to thrive in the midst of had it not been for David’s teaching and direction. David was quick to learn my language of insecurity, fear, and feeling unloved, in order that he might speak to my soul, while also teaching me how to communicate love, self-worth and value back to my own heart. God has used David to empower my voice and to remind me that I am valued, loved and worth the fight. He has identified voids that only Jesus can fill and then taught me how to continue to seek Jesus’s power and fulfillment in those places.

David means many things to my family. He has gone above and beyond to make sure we are well looked after and cared for. He is dedicated to spending time with my boys as a healthy role model and is always only a phone call away in times when I am really struggling. David has become a much needed source of wisdom and reliability for myself and my boys and most importantly, a true friend and advocate.

Thank you David and Hope for the Soul, for all that you do – for myself and so many others.