I was forced to go to see David at Hope for the Soul in October 2014. I didn’t think I needed counseling and I certainly didn’t want counseling. I soon realized that David was very blunt and straightforward about why I needed help. He didn’t let me believe my own crap and always made me see how my selfishness was hurting my family. A year later, life is still hard but I’ve learned things I never thought I needed to learn, never mind now wanting to. David has forced me to see things that I didn’t want to see about myself. He has guided me, yelled at me, begged me and laughed at me to become a better husband and father. The one thing that really stands out about Hope for the Soul and David, is he always seems to be there when I need him. I know I drive David crazy sometimes but he never makes me feel bad about it.  David never preaches at me and never makes me feel shame. I even started going back to church because of how he explains “faith” in a very different kind of way. I’m not afraid of God anymore. I also think it’s great how they are always doing things for others. Every time you walk into the office, there is always something that they are doing to help people like the homeless or poor. Hope for the Soul is great.