We were introduced to Hope for the Soul and David in April of 2014. We will never forget that day as long as we live. He came into our home that was devoid of hope, had lost sight of joy and was under attack from within. But that night ended up being different from all the others. That night, through David, God sent a spark of hope, and it flickered in. We sat and talked about our situation with our newly adopted son, and David  listened with compassion, and though he didn’t completely understand what we were going through, he truly desired to help. Ironically, he came into our home to help us with our son (who was diagnosed with a whole myriad of issues), yet ended up helping our whole family. The impact that David has had on our family is so profound, that words could never begin to be able to describe it all.

Our past and present situation has been extremely stressful and difficult to bear.  There have been several times when we just want to give up on our marriage to escape the daunting pressures of our life.  Hope for the Soul has given us the ability to see each other’s point of view, understand the other person’s needs, and showed us how to give grace to one another.  David has provided much needed balance and perspective.  He has helped us to view each other, not as an enemy, but as a partner.  We do not know what the future will bring for our family, but we do know that we have this hope…

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

So, to the hope that Christ freely gives out, we cling fast, and in this, we also thank Hope for the Soul for helping us to see that hope once again. We thank God for the gentle reminders from David in all these things.

David has also helped us understand that in all things we need balance, stability, and consistency.  His ministry comes alongside of those that are hurting and offers practical help and healing without the oppression of guilt or shame.  He brings his clients a clear understanding of biblical wisdom applied to modern circumstances, and minces no words in the process.  We have and continued to be blessed by this ministry.  Hope for the Soul counseling has greatly surpassed any and all expectations we had.  Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!