I grew up in a home where children were seen and not heard. Not really neglected but not nurtured either. Appreciating good manners and good food were my primary prep lessons for life. Church was what we did on Sunday morning but Jesus had no part in my life in a personal way. I began experiencing symptoms of clinical depression at age 12 and have struggled with self worth issues and shame ever since. In order to find the love, attention and support I so desperately needed I began “looking for love in all the wrong places.”

Marriage to a good man and 4 children later I was still struggling almost daily to find that elusive joy that was missing in my life. I accepted Christ at 34 but still continued struggling. I met with two secular counselors and two Christian counselors off and on for over 20 years yet after each meeting I left feeling bereft- no closer to answers that I needed and no closer to the joy that Jesus promises to Believers. I knew that my Mom had never gotten the love and nurturing she needed as a child and consequently she had no idea how to give those things to me. I was determined that I would do better for myself and my children but no matter how many prayers I prayed, how many books I read or classes I attended or whose counsel I sought I made very little progress. I would go months feeling pretty good and then crash. Those days it was a tremendous struggle to get out of bed, to take care of my kids to see joy or purpose in any part of my life. It was physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausting and I saw no end in sight.

A friend recommended that I talk with David. She said he was “unconventional” and I was desperate enough to meet with him despite some doubts that I could ever be “fixed”. In the last 7 months, he has walked me biblically through some really hard stuff in a way that no one has ever been able to do before. I finally feel hope and joy! While I have had a couple of episodes of depression they were short lived and I truly feel as though I am living with love, purpose and joy! David has shown me that my life in Christ is a journey and making progress is something to be celebrated and to be thankful for. He has consistently offered truth in love, a listening ear, practical advice all mixed in with a sense of humor that has pulled me out of a funk many times. His love for others and for the Lord is obvious in how he actually lives his life, not in just what he says. I cannot express my thankfulness to him enough and to give glory to God for what He is doing in my life!