Anyone suffering from chronic pain knows that it can bring about many unpleasant feelings and unhealthy coping methods: denial, loneliness, isolation, etc.  It’s difficult to talk about with others because you worry you sound like you are weak or are complaining, and talking about it only raises your awareness of the situation when you would rather not think about it.

I’ve been blessed to have met David and attend church with him.  I found it easy to talk to David about my situation, and he has always been incredibly supportive and willing to listen.  David also has a gift of true perspective.  He is able to give thanks and be joyful of the things that are really important in this life on earth.  His strength is contagious and encouraging and always a source of light unto God.  Although I live across the country from him now, we still keep in touch and his source of encouragement has been a true blessing in my life.

– Adrienne