Being married is tough sometimes and even more so with teenagers in the house. My wife and I had reached a point where it was almost impossible to be civil to each other. We were combative and no longer in love.

We were desperate and I was lost and did not know if we would make it.

Our pastor recommended we get counselling and soon, he knew our story and sent us to David.

It was hard at first and we were both stubborn but David knew that and asked the tough questions that needed to be asked. He challenged us both and began to show us that after taking a vow in front of Christ years ago we were no longer honoring Him in the way we were behaving.

We did work sheets, watched videos and talked about things we didn’t want to talk about.

My wife and I were both humbled along the way. She was guarded and skeptical and I was suffering from “man disease”. I didn’t want to admit that my way of doing things could be wrong. I was trampling her and she was hurting. I am grateful that David had the courage and wisdom to help us. He made us realize that “winning” or being “right” pales in comparison to just loving each other for as long as possible while were both here. I broke down and cried as I told my story in front of our whole church one Sunday. I will never forget that day nor will I forget that someone cared enough to step up and do and what needed to be back then. He made me see all the time I wasted back then trying to be right and proving insignificant points at the cost of intimacy with my best friend. David and Hope for the Soul  changed my life, my marriage and my family.

W and B