I came to Hope for the Soul at a point of great distress in my marriage.  We were dealing with the lingering effects of a past addiction which threatened to destroy everything.  Although my wife and I were both seeking the Lord and my wife wanted to forgive me and trust me again, there were just too many wounds and misunderstandings for us to manage this on our own.   However, we had a strong belief and hope that the Lord would turn our situation into a victory and a glory to Him.  Because of that we prayed that I could find a godly counselor to help me.  Hope for the Soul was the answer to that prayer.
The first time I met David for Pastoral Counseling, I knew that He was the person I was looking for.  From his story I could clearly see how God had healed him, his marriage and his family, and how God is now healing others through him.  Furthermore, his counsel was clearly based on the word of God and his hands on experience.    After several weeks of meeting with David and applying his counsel to my daily life I was already experiencing the benefits.   I began to see the role of husband and father in a completely new light.  He showed me what God expects of me through the scriptures and showed me what it takes to get there.   The principles we have discussed will stay with me the rest of my life.
My wife and I began to meet with David together every other week and the help he provided was amazing.  He helped us both put things in perspective and gave us valuable advice on how to navigate the difficulties we were facing.  He also went much further than either of us expected, helping us to recognize other areas of our marriage that needed work.   In the words of my wife, the Lord has performed “a miracle” in my life and in our marriage over the past several months with David’s help.  I cannot begin to express how thankful we are.